At, we raise our own Hereford and Polled Hereford show steers, primarily for the Texas Majors, including the Ft. Worth Stock Show, San Antonio Stock Show, Houston Livestock Show and Austin Livestock Show. However, we also have began raising some exotic steers as well and a few crossbred heifers.

News & Updates

two exciting sales this spring on Show Circuit online sales. Click here for more info.
March 21, 2018 - Steer Sale
April 11, 2018 - Heifer Sale
Three steers from Keith Rogers Show Cattle all in the same class at Fort Worth and all three branded. Presley Long - 3rd Place; Brody Rogers - 6th Place; Presley Sliger - 8th Place!
PResley Long 3rd Pl Ft Worth Brody Rogers 6th Pl Ft. Worth
ft. worth 3 brands




About Us


We are a family-owned operation. Keith and Cindy Rogers, and our kids -- Shelby, Koby, Harley and Brody -- all work together to raise and produce these cattle with little outside help. All natural calves are born at our place, and we do our own AI work. Many of the embryos are raised here as well, with some InVitro eggs put in with the TransOva Genetics.


We are primarily Hereford breeders and run a registered operation called Hidden Oaks Ranch in Hamilton, Evant and Star, Texas. We decided to begin raising steers when our oldest daughter was nine, so she could exhibit at our county show. After a few years, we were hooked and decided that our steer breeding program would need to change if we were going to be competitive. We didn't want to go out and buy steers every year; with four kids we decided that was too many to find and buy. So, we picked out a few of our registered cows that we thought could make good steer mamas and started AI-ing them to more clubby Hereford bulls.


Now we have several registered cows in our donor program, solely used to produce show steers. The quality is so deep we decided to start selling a few as well. Thanks to sexed semen, we have increased the number of steers for sale. Additionally, we have added a few exotic cows to our herd and have been raising some exotic AOB-type steers too.


The kids are involved in all aspects of our program. They are the labor behind the hay we feed and the health program we use. The work hard to raise good calves. Often, breeding decisions are made at the supper table -- we discuss which bulls we want to use on which cows and study the Denver display bulls every year. Each of the kids has their own specialty or niche at the ranch.


Without the boys' strength or the girls' patience, we would never be able to halter break over 75 calves/year. We take pride in what we raise and try to have them ready for the young showman. The calves are gentle and healthy when we sell them, that's a promise.